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Shocking Scientific Evidence Finally Reveals..


How Ganoderma Boosts Your Immune System, Protects You from Sickness and Obesity Related Diseases!


    • Did you know… Scientific research has found that Pollysacarides (the active compound found in Ganoderma mushrooms) can actually clear blockages in arteries.
    • Reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity related diseases (simply by including extract from this ‘magic mushroom’ in your daily diet)
    • If you ever feel fatigued or lack energy, use Ganoderma to boost your immune system (and feel your energy levels soar!)
    • Cancer is a serious worry, research has proven that this fungi has multiple anti-tumor effects
    • If you’re looking for a premium ‘spore broken’ Ganoderma mushroom extract, discover where the best crop is cultivated (You get the real thing!)

Its no longer just another ‘mushroom’, recent studies and clinical tries have finally proven the superior health benefits of this ‘remarkable mushroom’.


For Centuries, Only the Ancient Tribes of South East Asia (and a handful of Herbalists), Have Known ‘The Truth about the Health Benefits of this Natural ‘Magic’ Mushroom!’

Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name for red reishi mushrooms or as it is sometimes referred as ‘the miracle mushroom ‘. It’s basically a fungus found in specific tropical areas in Asia. (The specific areas where the potent mushrooms are found, are in specific climates where nutrients in the soil and environment are essential).

You may have heard of other less potent variants of this species of fungi being distributed and it’s a shame that you may not know about the ‘Premium variant of Red Reishi from the tropics’, (you get the real deal!)reshi-mushroom

Studies have found that Premium Red Reishi from the tropical regions of South East Asia contain more ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­water-soluble polysaccharides (I know it’s hard to pronounce), however these details are essential if you want to ‘weed out’ the (let’s just say, lower quality crop), than any other natural source anywhere!

You may have heard of Ganoderma but what exactly are the health benefits of this Amazing Mushroom?

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